Effective tax planning may be the most crucial element in  your clients' financial future. Recent tax studies suggest that tax rates may need to increase by as much as 100% over the next decade just to pay the interest on our national debt. What effect will this tax increase have on your or your clients' retirement plans? This increase in taxes if not properly understood and planned for, may be the reason you have to work years longer than you had planned.

When was the last time you had your professional tax advisor call you and have you come in for a tax planning session? The answer for most is never. Why? Most of us do not understand the potential crisis that is coming and don't feel we need to pay for professional tax advise. What if we are wrong?​

Unfortunately, when was the last time you received a call from your CPA or tax preparer offering real and substantial tax planning help? For most, this call has not and will not ever come. We aren’t throwing all the tax preparers under the bus here, most clients don’t know what they don’t know and because they don’t are unwilling to pay these hourly professionals for their advice.

We educate clients on tax planning strategies that will help them reduce tax burdens today as well as in the future. We take complex tax issues and break them down into easy to understand components to help clients learn how their taxes are calculated and what changes they can implement to reduce their tax burdens. Although we are not CPAs or Tax Attorneys, we work with professionals who are properly credentialed to offer tax advice.

During tax season we offer tax preparation services to individuals and small businesses owners at very reasonable rates. Our services include the accurate preparation of your Form 1040 and related schedules.

We also offer Tax Pros consultations for both individuals and small business owners. We offer a free initial consultation to determine if our tax planning services are appropriate for you.